Plumbing is a lot more than the PVC or copper pipes you see underneath sinks or behind walls. Unknown to many, plumbing did not start with the invention of a flushing toilet.

The ancient people constructed drainage and sewer lines that were used to supply water and dispose of sewer water. Here are some historical indoor plumbing facts that you can use.


In Crete, the Minoans developed a plumbing system that involved underground clay pipes. This happened from 3000 BC. The Minoan civilization is also credited for the first flushing toilets that were referred to as water closets.

Scientists discovered four drainage systems leading to a mass sewer system that was made of stone. They also had a terracotta piping system underneath the floor of the palace that delivered water to the faucets and fountains.


Ancient Egyptians created one of the oldest plumbing systems. Their construction was based on the rise and fall of the Nile. Egyptians used delicate pipe systems made from clay to move water from the Nile to their farms.

They also used the pipes to supply homes with water. After a while, they upgraded to copper pipes. Archeologists discovered burial chambers to the Pharaohs that had draining tubs and other amenities meant for the afterlife.

The Roman Empire is famous for its contribution to modern plumbing. Scientists refer to Romans as engineers, and this is for a good reason.

In the sixth century, Romans constructed Cloaca Maxima, a sewer system that featured an open channel. This sewer system exists up to date although it’s now closed and vaulted. Also, the Romans are known for their aqueducts that relied on gravity to transport water from the mountains to people’s home, public wells, and fountains.

Wastewater was then drained into the main sewer line. The regular supply of running water helped to remove any debris or obstacles that were stuck in the drain.



Previously, if a leak was found behind walls or under a foundation slab, the plumber would have to tear out the old pipes and install new ones.

However, with the help of new technology, the plumber can use a multi-step process to clean the interior of the pipes and later apply an epoxy resin coat to seal and stop leaks.


Gone are the days when you had to flush your toilet. Thanks to smart technology you can now wave your hand to signal the toilet to flush or for the toilet seat to go down.

Modern toilets are fitted with motion sensors, and some do not even need to be washed as they are self-cleaning. You can also find rimless toilets that do not require any toilet paper.

The ancient plumbing systems and methods have helped shape modern-day plumbing systems in Oakville and Mississauga, ON. You can now have a reason to be thankful for that showerhead or faucet that conveniently supplies you with water for your everyday use.At Gold Medal Plumbing and Drain, we want to ensure your plumbing works properly all year round. Whether you need a routine maintenance service or have a plumbing emergency, our trusted plumbers are ready to help! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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