Are you looking to reduce your water consumption? By reducing the amount of water your household uses on a daily basis, you protect both the environment and your wallet. Although water consumption per person has decreased over the years, Canadians are still using an average of 329 litres of water per person every day.

Here are the top ways to conserve water in your home according to the expert Brampton plumbers at Gold Medal Plumbing and Drain:


Modern conveniences—such as the dishwasher and washing machine—have made our lives much easier, but can lead to excess water consumption if not used appropriately. Only turn on your dishwasher or washing machine when you have a full load because the same amount of water is used regardless of the contents inside. By planning and managing your loads, you will maximize the number of clean items, relative to the water used.

If you’re in dire need of clean dishes or laundry, check if your washing machine and dishwasher have a rapid clean setting. These settings are less water-intensive, as they are specifically designed for small loads of clothing or dishes.


The next time you need to replace your toilet or showerhead, opt for an eco-friendlier model. Low-flush toilets are installed in most newly constructed homes and reduce the amount of water used by nearly half. Similarly, low-flow showerheads decrease water consumption by up to 40%. With both of these options, you’ll barely notice the difference compared to your traditional toilet or showerhead. You might even get a rebate for installing them!


A lush garden boosts your curb appeal and creates an inviting space for your friends and family to gather. That being said, failing to water your garden strategically results in a lot of wasted water. Take advantage of natural, free water by installing a rain barrel. Many varieties are available, but a basic model is usually obtainable at your local home improvement store. This way, you’ll have plenty of water stored up for the next time your garden is dry and in need of hydration.

In the hot summer months, consider watering your garden in the morning, or later at night when the sun isn’t at its strongest. By doing so, you prevent water evaporation due to the sun and ensure that your plants and shrubs are actually getting the water they need.


Leaks are one of the leading causes of excessive water consumption. They can occur virtually anywhere around your home or property where plumbing is present. Sometimes, they’re due to corrosion or wear and tear, while other times they’re indicative of a larger problem. If the leak is severe enough, you will receive an accompanying notice with your water bill informing you that there is a suspected leak due to an uncharacteristically high consumption. Having a plumber check your home for leaks ensures that you aren’t using more water than you need.

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