Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? That’s a wise choice if you’re seeking to improve your property value. Studies have shown that the most important aspects in a home are the kitchen and bathroom. When these spaces are up to date, they indicate that your home is well maintained and that you care about the aesthetics and cleanliness of your property.

Here are the top things to consider when preparing for your bathroom remodel:


The quality of lighting in a bathroom makes a significant difference in the overall perceptions of the space. Good lighting makes it easier to get ready in the morning and instantly brightens the room. Of course, natural lighting is the most ideal for a bathroom. This could mean a window or skylights located above. That being said, it’s not always possible to install a window or skylight, as there are various structural requirements that make it difficult. In this event, consider installing bright recessed lighting throughout the bathroom in addition to extra lighting near the sink area.


Although you may love the minimalist appeal of a sleek and modern sink in the showroom, it’s important to take into account what it will look like in your space. There isn’t much point to installing a modern sink and vanity only to have it cluttered with the products you use on a daily basis. Take this into account as you choose the elements you install in your new bathroom. One way to overcome this is by installing a mirrored medicine cabinet.


This can be a hard decision to make. Ideally, you would be able to have both, but often times there just isn’t the space. To determine the best option for you, ask yourself: how many times do you take a bath per year? A lot of people take baths less often because they find them more time-consuming. That being said, if you take baths often it might be a worthwhile investment. If you’re having trouble deciding, you can always opt for a bath and shower combination for the best of both worlds.


Renovating your bathroom is the ideal time to make adjustments to your plumbing, as well. This will be necessary if you choose to move around the location of your shower, sink, or toilet. Alternatively, you can opt to upgrade your pipes. Bathroom pipes with a larger diameter are less likely to experience issues with clogs from hair and debris in addition to providing higher water pressure.

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