You never learn to appreciate your home’s plumbing until it isn’t working. A functional plumbing system allows you to have clean water that’s readily accessible. Clogged pipes are a common plumbing concern, but can be easily prevented if the correct measures are taken. By maintaining the plumbing in your home, you prevent larger issues from arising in the future.


Placing mesh screens on your drains prevents unwanted dirt and debris from accompanying your water down the drain. You might not realize just how much food, hair, and other unwanted items are going down your pipes until you install a mesh screen. Opt for a finer mesh screen to catch even more particles. These mesh screens should be installed at every sink in the kitchen and bathroom and are purchased at your local home improvement store.


Your kitchen sink is not a makeshift garbage can. Emptying greasy foods and coffee grounds in the sink will cause blockages, as they build up over time.  If you’re cooking a meal that requires a lot of oil, be sure to first wipe your cool pans down with a paper towel before rinsing them in the kitchen sink. If you use a lot of oil on a regular basis, you can alternatively designate a container in your kitchen as a place where you dump the cooking grease. The oil becomes solid in the container when it cools and should be disposed of every few days.

Hair is usually the culprit in clogged bathroom sinks and showers. To prevent this, be sure to brush your hair thoroughly before you step in the shower and promptly remove any hair that has fallen onto the countertop. By staying on top of your countertop cleanliness, you prevent hair making its way down the pipes and causing plumbing troubles.


If you experience clogged pipes often, you may want to try pouring hot water down your drains on a regular basis. In doing so, you flush out particles that are stuck within the pipes. Just make sure not to use boiling water, as this will cause the ceramic of your sink or toilet to crack. To add some grease fighting power, you can also add a few drops of dishwashing soap.


If you aren’t able to clear the clogged pipes on your own, it’s time to call the Oakville plumbing professionals. If you live in an older home, your clogged drains are most likely not your fault. Plumbing technology has improved over the years, with old materials and improper angles likely being the cause of your repeated issues. Older pipes are also prone to forming a decreased diameter due to build-up that has occurred over time. A professional plumber in Oakville will be able to snake your pipes and propose a long-lasting plumbing solution.

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