Your Expert Plumber and Drain Specialist in Etobicoke

 Next time you need a plumber or a drain specialist for your Etobicoke, ON home, call 416-242-6111. We’ll send out a plumbing specialist to take a look at your problem and devise a solution that is unique to your home and specific to your issues and your budget. If you’re looking for a discount, download our current coupons before you call.


When you need a plumber, why not call the company that people in Etobicoke, ON have trusted for years. People call us over and over again because they know that they can rely on us to get their issues fixed in a way that is fast, cost-effective, and easy. When you need a plumber you can trust, who cares about getting stuff done the right way, the first time, call us first.


Our plumbers are highly trained, highly skilled, and they have experience solving all sorts of plumbing issues, from the big to the small. They are confident that there’s nothing they can’t fix, and they are passionate about their work. They love their jobs because they love getting you back to the life you love and knowing that you’ll call again, if you ever have another need.


Their attention to detail is unsurpassed, and they will not only do the job well but keep your budget in mind while they work. It’s no wonder people call us again and again.


Expert, Reliable Water Heater Service


Having a water heater you can rely on in Etobicoke, ON is essential, especially in the winter. We  know that you use your water heater to help stay warm and to use your home the way you need to use it. If you notice a problem with your hot water, whether it disappears completely, becomes lukewarm, or runs out sooner than you think it should, give us a call.


When we come out, we’ll listen to you describe the problem. Then we’ll look at your water heater and figure out what has gone wrong. If we can fix it and get it working again for you as well as it used to, we’ll perform that repair as soon as possible. If we can’t fix it or the cost of repairing your water heater is going to be more than the cost of replacing it, we’ll let you know.


If you decide to replace your water heater, we’ll help you through the process. We’ll figure out what size heater you need for your house and your hot water usage. We’ll find options for you that fit into your price range, and we’ll try to save you as much money as we can. We can also discuss energy efficiency and whether it’s worth it for you to pay more for it. Then we’ll install your water heater for you.


To schedule an appointment, call 416-242-6111. One of our skilled, passionate professionals will come out to Etobicoke, ON as soon as possible, assess the problem, and get your plumbing back to normal quickly and efficiently.