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For many homeowners in Oakville, ON, and Mississauga, ON, repiping is a service that is dreaded and often avoided. It has a reputation for being a pricey, hassle-filled job. At Gold Medal Plumbing and Drain, we make repiping easy with our cost-effective and reliable repipe services. From beginning to end, we walk you through all the steps involved with getting new pipes installed in your home.

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Signs You Need to Repipe

Many homeowners would prefer to repair their pipes instead of investing in repiping. For the most part, this is the better solution because it’s easier, less expensive and takes less time. However, there are a few instances where repiping is actually the better option. Here are some signs that it’s time to repipe your home:

  • You notice a change in the taste, color or smell of your water.
  • You experience frequent leaks or burst pipe emergencies.
  • The pipes in your home are old or outdated.
  • You notice rising water bills.

PEX or Copper?

When it comes to repiping your home, there are two standard piping materials used in the industry today. Both PEX and copper have their own benefits and advantages. Both materials are safe, reliable and eliminate any strange metallic taste from the water. Here are some of the main differences between the two to help you decide which is right for you:


  • Made from a flexible material that is easy and inexpensive to install.
  • Less likely to freeze than copper pipes.
  • Resistant to acidic substances.
  • Cannot be directly connected to a water heater.
  • Damaged by UV rays and cannot be used outside.


  • More durable and longer lasting than PEX.
  • Sturdy joints won’t flex or sag.
  • The upfront cost to install copper piping is higher than PEX.

More Reasons to Work with Gold Medal Plumbing and Drain

If you’re on the fence about repiping your home, let the experts at Gold Medal Plumbing and Drain help. Our licensed technicians will inspect your pipes and determine if repiping is needed. We also add the following features and benefits to our service to add more value and improve the customer experience:

Licensed Technicians: Our plumbers are trained and licensed, giving you confidence in the work we perform.

Clean Uniforms: Our technicians always arrive in fresh, clean uniforms, and they always clean up any mess they may make while on the job.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you’re not totally happy with our work, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

Save money and reduce water waste with new pipes in your home. For whole house repipe services in Mississauga, ON, and Oakville, ON, call 416-242-6111 today and book an appointment with one of our experts.