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Sump Pump

If you have a basement or cellar in your home, chances are you also have a sump pump to help keep it dry during times of increased precipitation or excess groundwater. Making sure your sump pump is working reliably is vital to preventing flooding and water damage in your home. When it comes to sump pump repair, Mississauga, ON, and Oakville, ON homeowners know they can trust the experts at Gold Medal Plumbing and Drain.

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How Do They Work?

Sump pumps are handy plumbing components that help keep your basement or cellar dry. A series of French drains collect water and pour it into a tank typically located in the basement. The tank is fitted with a motor and pump and turns on when the water in the tank reaches a certain level. The pump pushes water away from the foundation of your home, keeping the basement dry and clean.

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Different Types of Sump Pumps

If you’re thinking about installing a sump pump in your home or you’re looking into a sump pump replacement, it’s important to know about the two main types of pumps. Here are the main differences between the two models:

Submersible Unit

  • This pump can be fully submerged in water without sustaining damage.
  • They are durable and last longer than other models.
  • Submersible units are best for homeowners that will rely on the unit on a regular basis since it pumps water at a higher rate per minute.

Pedestal Pump

  • This pump sits on a pedestal above the tank and cannot be submerged in water.
  • Pedestal pumps are better for homes that will only rely on the unit in emergency situations since it pumps water at a slower rate per minute.

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